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                About us
                    Huake High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the main specialized enterprises which is currently engaged in producing shaped refractories and unshaped refractories in China. It enjoys the status of the professional supplier of refractories in domestic special steel industry. Its competitive products---Induction furnace lining dry ramming mix ---rank top in domestic market.
                    The main business scope of HKGX is to develop and produce and sell shaped and unshaped refractories, to undertake....... Read More.
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                Contact Us
                Huake High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd.
                Add: Economic Development Zone,Lengshuijiang City
                Hunan Province,China
                Tel: +86-738-5258238 +86-738-5111588
                +86-139-7389-5606 Fax: +86-738-5236655

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